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Annual plant cultivated for its yellow-green inflorescence or flower cluster.

Romanesco is a rich source of Vitamin C

100 g of Romanesco – 25 kcal

Romanesco’s nutritional value is similar to the cauliflower’s or broccoli’s but it contains more carotene and mineral salts and less fibre. It is a rich source of vitamin C.

In search for lost taste

Romanesco ideally satiates hunger while at the same time containing few calories. This vegetable carries help to people suffering with loss of the sense of taste. Romanesco contains zinc, which helps to fight the loss of the sense of taste or the metallic aftertaste in the mouth.

Something light

Considered to one of the most easily digestible vegetables.

For the bored

Romanesco is a great diversity for fans of the cauliflower who ran out of ideas on the different ways of preparing their favourite vegetable. Romanesco may be prepared similarly as the cauliflower but is better digested.

Came out of hiding

Romanesco found its way to the international market around 1990. It was cultivated in the area of Rome where it was discovered and perfected by Dutch gardeners. Today, this vegetable diversifies hot dishes such as vegetable fricassee or grilled sandwiches as well as fresh vegetable salads.

Romanesco has great nutritional value

E.T.’s favourite

The English call romanesco – broccoli, the French – cabbage and the Germans and the Poles – cauliflower. Some of the undecided place it somewhere between broccoli and cauliflower. Taking into account its shape, romanesco rosettes bring to mind the pyramids or minaret towers, the theory, that it fell out of a flying saucers would seem to be rather interesting.

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