The Mayo clinic diet


The main recommendation from the Mayo clinic is to eat salads and eggs.

The diet takes 14 days. There is specific menu for each week.

Vegetables and eggs

The Mayo clinic, among many others, specializes in treating obesity and for that purpose its specialists have created their own program. It is based on two main dietary products: eggs and vegetables.

in mayo clinic diet plan You have to eat 4-6 eggs a day and drink about 2 litres of liquids.

Important recomendations for diet Mayo

The results will be visible right away, but you will have to eat the same products all the time. In the second week you will be able to modify the menu a little, but again you will be consuming the same things every day.

Keeping obligatory rules

There are several main rules to be kept while doing the Mayo clinic diet. You have to eat 4-6 eggs a day and drink about 2 litres of liquids – mineral water, herbal teas, coffee or weak tea. You need to avoid salt, sugar, whole milk products, legumes, fruit and alcohol. Among the vegetables you may eat there are: lettuce, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes. In order to reach the required goal it is good to eliminate from your diet products such as potatoes, fat meats, sweets, fruit juices and fizzy drinks.

The main recommendation from the Mayo clinic diet  is to eat salads and eggs.

Note on cholesterol

It is good to know that one egg contains up to 250 ml cholesterol. This is daily allowed amount for a grown person.

Eggs will provide you with lots of proteins

Eggs contain a lot of high quality proteins. This kind of proteins is called “ideal proteins”. Human body can absorb it almost in 100%. The absorption of such proteins in great amounts stimulates the active metabolism, stirs up the metabolic paths and makes fat burning much easier. Besides, eggs contain large quantities of minerals.

Never forget about vegetables

The next fundamental ingredient of the Mayo clinic diet is vegetables that provide us with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. They are essential for all the metabolic processes to go in the right speed and to be effective. Vegetables also contain a lot of fibre, which helps the peristalsis, improves digestion and releases us from toxins. Fibre also helps our body to get rid of free radials along with all the metals and acids. This is very important for every person on this diet, also because dietary fibre bulges in the stomach, and thus we do not feel so hungry.

First week of the seven-day menu:

2 hard boiled eggs, a cup of black coffee
2 hard boiled eggs, 200 g cooked vegetables
2 hard boiled eggs or 150 g roast meat, a head of lettuce with lemon juice.

Second week of the seven-day menu:

a cup of black coffee, a slice of crisp bread
150 g fried meat, a cup of grated carrots with lemon juice
2 hard boiled eggs or 100g lean ham, 150g low-fat yoghurt.
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