Diet for office workers


We will advise you how not to “starve to death” at work and maybe lose a few kilograms. It’s good to change your eating habits now.

More and more people work by the desk. Along with this sign of our days, obesity develops – too little exercise, constant sitting position.

Bud and a chocolate candy bar

Your meal at work is usually coffee and pastry, doughnut or chocolate bar.
Five Great Tips of Healthy diet for Office Workers.
For the beginninga few general rules:1. Eat your breakfast at home, this way you will avoid snacking at work or while chatting with colleagues.

Take a snack to work, this will keep you from getting really hungry.
2. At lunch time have salad or a healthy soup.
3. Eat you main meal at home after work. If you work late, have some time to go to a restaurant or pub, Eat slowly, do not hurry.The French are slim not because they do sports, but because they enjoy every bite they take. They celebrate their meals. Before going to bed eat a piece of fruit or drink some vegetable juice.
4. Do not skip meals, because if you are really hungry, you will eat a lot at once.
5. Do not forget to exercise. Even when you are in the office you can move: move your shoulders, bend, move your head and stretch your neck. Walk around your office, visit your colleagues at their desks.

always take fruite salad in the  office diet
Exercise program
-sport is good for health
In the morning:
15 minutes shoulder exercises, 15 knee bends

After breakfast:
30–60 minute bicycle ride, sometimes go to work by bike.

In the afternoon:
a 30-45 minute fast walk.

In the evening:
10 minutes skipping rope on a soft floor, or carpet.

Your menu for 5 days – choose what you like

We recommend coffee or tea, best with skimmed milk, but without sugar. A glass of skimmed milk would be perfect, as well as or kefir or yoghurt.

Menu to choose from:
2 pieces of crisp bread, with a thin layer of butter 2 slices of ham, a couple of radishes;
1 slice of rye bread with butter, 10 g cottage cheese with leeks and cucumber;
1 soft or hard boiled egg, a slice of bread with butter, one tomato;
2 pieces of crisp bread with butter, 2 slices of cheese, a couple of radishes;
1 slice of whole-grain bread with butter, cottage cheeses, or 1 tablespoon jam.
What can you take to work for a snack?
1 apple; 1 pear; 1 small banana; 2 carrots.
Vegetable salad: slice cucumber, some peppers, a couple of radishes, 15 g light feta cheese, add salt and pepper, stir.
Fish salad: 15 g tuna in oil, drain, hard boiled egg cut up, tomato and onion, season, stir.
Cheese salad: 20 g low fat cottage cheese, mixed with sliced radishes, leeks, 4 tablespoons yoghurt, season.
Chicken salad: cut and mix 10g chicken breast, pineapple slice, chopped apple, 3 tablespoons canned corn, 2 prunes.

Supper– remember to eat it at home.
Rice with vegetables: 10 g cooked rice stir with 25 g vegetables and mushrooms fried in oil.
Fish with vegetables: fry in oil 2 shredded carrots, chopped onion, tomato, add 15 g fish, steam, add seasoning.
Meat balls with mushrooms: fry 1 onion with mushrooms, add 10 g chicken mince, parsley, seasoning, form meat balls, cook over steam, serve with one tablespoon of rice.
Pasta and sauce: cook 10 g pasta, add 2 teaspoons tomato paste fried over onion and garlic clove.

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