Glossary of Spanish cuisine


Glossary of terms frequently used in Spanish cuisine. You should know what are the mysteriously sounding names of products, meals or supplements.

Butifarra – pork sausage, served with French-fries or vegetables, sometimes with an egg or an omelette.
Chorizo – hot pork sausages.
Gazpacho -probably the widest known Spanish soup – soup served cold made of vegetables puree.
Habas a la Catalana -beans cooked with ham and butifarra. It may be a starter, when served only with ham.
Paella – a rice dish garnished with saffron, poultry meat, pork meat, seafood, pepper, green peas and any other ingredients, depending on the taste and mastery of the cook… It is served right after being prepared on a huge pan.
Zarzuela – in Spanish it means „operetta”, which wonderfully renders the spontaneity and taste of this dish. The dish consists of anything that can be caught in the sea: crabs, shrimps, octopuses and white fish. All these ingredients bathe in a delicious sauce made with the addition of wine and cognac. The dish is both very tasty and extremelly filling.

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